How to use Aptoide, the alternative to Android Play Store?

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How to use Aptoide, the alternative to Android Play Store?

Message par rilmole » ven. juin 26, 2020 9:44 am

How to use Aptoide, the alternative to Android Play Store?
Google Play, formerly known as the Play Store, is the official app store of the Android operating system. However, even considering that it has millions of users worldwide, it is not the panacea. There are particularly interesting alternatives for the general public and for entrepreneurs in particular. Among them is especiallyworthy Aptoide.
What is Aptoide?
Let's start at the beginning. Aptoide is an app store for the Android operating system considered as the main alternative to Google Play. It has millions of active users, a catalog with 200,000 different references and, to date, more than 1 billion downloads.

Initially, Aptoide aimed to make available to the user all those free and open source software applications that were not represented on Google Play. However, although it is possible to access a number of them from its interface, this area has been reserved for F-Droid. We'll talk about this app store another time, although we're already ahead of the two of them.

How is Google Play different from Aptoide?
The truth is that, even if both are app stores and provide the possibility to download them for free or upon payment of a certain amount, their operating systems have nothing to do with it.

Google Play is a single store in which all content is centralized, that is, they are managed by the company that creators the Android operating system. This makes developers have to accept their terms when publishing their applications. The same must be done by users prior registration to download and install them.

However, in Aptoide this does not work that way. Each user can have, if desired, their own store and make their applications available to users without having to comply with the demanding conditions of Google Play. This is ideal for those entrepreneurs and developers who want to create a new application and give it to test their users without filters.

Apps downloaded from Aptoide, on the other hand, do not need Google Services to work. Therefore, you don't have to, for example, have a Gmail account to be able to enjoy them. Google's geographic restrictions that, for example, do not allow you to download, install, or update apps in countries such as China or Cuba, for example, are also removed.

Is Aptoide a secure app store?
Absolutely, yes. It is true that, during the early years of the project (2009), the application had to deal with the problem of the distribution of illegal or copyright infringing software. The lack of control and the inability to find formulas to manage the free market of apps caused it. However, this has changed radically in recent times.

Aptoide has various security systems focused on detecting plagiarism, copyright infringing content in any way and applications with malware, spam and malicious content in general. It also relies on its large community of users to deal with this scourge. The result? Today, it's as secure as Google Play.

But how to start using Aptoide?
This is a common question both among those who want to download and upload an application in APK format to Aptoide to make it available to its users. The process to be performed is as follows:

Download aptoide store on your smartphone or tablet. You can do this directly from their website.
Proceed to register as a user. You can do this by filling out the form and adding your email address or, if you prefer, linking your account to your Facebook or Gmail profile.
Customize the app according to your preferences. Aptoide gives you the possibility to condition all its operation according to your needs and tastes.
Start exploring your category menu. It usually finds the apps you want to download. But, if not, you will also have a manual search engine in which to write the name.
Discover trends in Aptoide that don't have to be the same as on Google Play. In this sense, you will find the most downloaded apps in your geographical area, the tops in mobile games or recommendations from other developers and publishers.
When you find the app you're looking for, read its review, reviews from other users and download it.
Gives enough permissions for the application to proceed to automatically install the downloaded APK file. We refer to the option 'Allow downloads of files from unknown sources' that you will find in the device's settings menu and that enables the terminal to install applications that do not come from Google Play.

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Re: How to use Aptoide, the alternative to Android Play Store?

Message par Noble147 » lun. juin 29, 2020 4:32 pm

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Re: How to use Aptoide, the alternative to Android Play Store?

Message par danielwick » mar. juin 30, 2020 10:43 am

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