How to Play Anocris

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How to Play Anocris

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Anocris is an MMORPG RTS game arranged in ancient Egypt. The period is 1200 B. Chemical, and you have to build an empire by the flowing banks of the river Earth.

From this severe, sandy desert, you must strategically create a civilization. Protect your base and attack ruthlessly. Create technologies and make alliances. Play Anocris free of charge in your web browser.

A person starts in the cruel and unforgiving countries of the Saharan desert with a little number of resources. Following that, follow the instructions provided by the game until you are building your disposition naturally.
Ancient Egypt wasn’t a peace-loving democracy, so you will have to play the role of a ruthless pharaoh while cautiously defending your territory from attack. Once you get accustomed to being a pharaoh, you can sit down back watching your pyramids rise as your settlement turns into a vibrant cultural city.

Anocris captures the utilization of mystique contained in 1200 B. Chemical Egypt, with mystical sphinxes and ubiquitous Gods for your people to praise.
To maneuver civilization ahead, you will explore and research the advanced technologies that made the Egyptian empire so great and powerful.
You are able to build your Egyptian settlement single or along with other players. It’s recommended that you form forces with other pharaohs for mutual advantage. PvP and PvE combat is also an essential part of the game. Play your strategy wisely to utilize the perks of alliances and combat.
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