ORR facilities are generally better equipped to take children.

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ORR facilities are generally better equipped to take children.

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ORR facilities are generally better equipped to take children. The shelters feature play areas, classrooms and counselling services. The organisation is also tasked with finding families or homes where the children will remain until their immigration claim is heard by the courts.

As of 3 May, 22,195 children were in the custody of ORR health officials.

Nearly 19,000 migrant children who were not accompanied by their legal guardian entered the US in March. The figure represents the largest monthly tally in US history. The latest figures, for April, have yet to be released.

The previous monthly record of 12,000 migrant children was recorded in May 2019 under President Trump.

In February, around 9,500 children found crossing the border were detained by American officials.

More than 100,000 people in total were stopped from trying to cross into the US in February. About 170,000 people were stopped in March.

Joe Biden's 'big problem' at the US border
In May, Biden officials also announced that a task force set up to reunite families separated under the Trump administration had selected its first four families for reunification in the US.

It marks the first concrete steps taken by the administration's Family Reunification Task Force since it was created in January. The agency says there are now around 1,000 families that are still separated.

An inspector general's report in 2019 found that the Trump administration had reunified 2,100 families after being ordered to do so by a federal judge.

Migrant advocates say some 5,000 families in total were separated, in some cases with parents being deported back to their home country without their child. Biden officials say the process of reunifying families has had to be built "from scratch".

What are conditions like? pg gaming
On 30 March, the Biden administration allowed journalists into the child migrant facilities for the first time since he took office.

A group of reporters were permitted to tour severely overcrowded CBP facilities at the government-run tent city in Donna, Texas, where they saw children having their immigration claims processed.

Children were huddled together in cramped conditions, unable to practice social distancing. The youngest were kept in a large playpen. Older children were photographed and had their fingerprints taken.

The children had their hair cleaned for lice and were given tests for several illnesses. Covid tests were not given unless a child displayed symptoms of the virus.