How do you create an AOL Account?

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How do you create an AOL Account?

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In the world of email, AOL has also made a significant position in the marketplace by offering amazing features and services to its users since it came into existence. Earlier it was known by the name Verizon. Thus, in order to seek Verizon or AOL services, users are required to complete the AOL Mail Login process. But, for that purpose, you must have an AOL account. An AOL account gives you the ability to make the best use of these services.
So, this article will give you deep insights on how to make an AOL account, how to log into it, and other things related to AOL Login.
Well, creating an AOL account is not a nuclear science and can be done easily by following some simple steps that are listed below:
1.First and foremost, go to the AOL Sign In or AOL Mail login page.
2.On the login page, select the option reading as "Create an account."
3.The sign-up page will now show up on your screen.
4.Here, you need to enter a few personal details including:
. First name
. Last name
5.The email address of your choice
6.Choose a password that is unique and strong.
7.Then, enter your mobile phone number.
8.Choose your date of birth from the drop-down.
Next up, choose your gender and click "continue."
With that, your account creation is successful and you can now go ahead with AOL Mail Login for which the steps have been listed in the section that follows.

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Re: How do you create an AOL Account?

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Re: How do you create an AOL Account?

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Re: How do you create an AOL Account?

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Re: How do you create an AOL Account?

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