Strategic approach

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Strategic approach

Message par miniming » jeu. mai 13, 2021 3:06 am

Strategic approach


When facing new business complexities, Goodwin starts by working with business partners to first identify the capabilities needed for business growth, customer satisfaction and improved efficiency. With clear aims established, PetSmart’s tech team then openly collaborates with other functions to generate innovative ideas, justify funding and drive implementation.

“To be effective, tech leaders need to have a deep understanding of the business,” Goodwin highlighted. “That goes far beyond just sitting in meetings. It means spending time in stores and distribution centers to draw first-hand insights. Those expectations extend to our tech staff too.”

Goodwin and his team leverage those insights to elevate IT’s strategic importance. “Over time, we demonstrated to business partners, the board and the CFO that the IT function really is a business contributor that happens to oversee our technology. That makes challenging conversations go a lot easier. Then everyone can focus on the organization’s value sources and how IT can link tech capabilities,” he said.

That’s a disciplined, strategic approach which also builds trust with PetSmart’s board and CFO. It clearly helped to deliver the solutions that PetSmart needed to navigate pandemic retailing and service challenges and accelerate its digital transformation.

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Re: Strategic approach

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