"Nose" with amazing facts And the smell of people

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"Nose" with amazing facts And the smell of people

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The nose is one of the facial organs. Which performs important life functions There is a relationship between smell perception and overall health. The relationship was shown by the number of odors that the nose perceives. This article will give you five facts about the nose. And the perception of smells that may surprise you

Fact 1: People can recognize at least a trillion different scents.
A recent study from Rockefeller University in the United States revealed that people can smell differently. At least a trillion scents Scientists explain that When the smell gets in the nose The สล็อต smell travels to the upper nasal cavity. To the olfactory cleft, the olfactory nerve cells in this area Has a wide range of smell receptors Which can detect different odors when nerves are stimulated Will send signals to the brain This produces a specific, detectable scent. Vanilla, citrus, in some forms, cinnamon, crayons and cookies are among the most desirable scents.

Fact 2: You can smell fear and disgust.
According to a 2012 study, we can smell our feelings of fear and disgust through sweat. And can feel the same emotions Sweat samples were taken from the men while they were afraid and disgusted. The researchers then gave the female sample. Smell the sweat samples without realizing it And observe the movement of the eyes And facial expressions With the male sample in this study Use products that are odorless. And don't smoke Or drink alcohol to neutralize the odor most for the sweat test of the study found that women who smell The "sweat of fear" opens its eyes wide, which expresses fear. And a woman who smells The "sweat of disgust" also showed disgust expressions.

Fact 3: The drone sets the tone.

Sound occurs in the larynx, however, it is just a low noise. The voices we hear from others When they speak or sing They are mostly related to the vibratory structures of the throat and nose. How the sound is produced above the larynx Is the factor that determines the sound intensity This process takes place in the nose and throat. People with colds or allergies speak in a drone. As air cannot pass through the nose This can lead to a loss of sound in the nasal cavity, sinus, an air-filled structure in the head Is closely related to the nose The sinuses are an important part of the resonance of sound.

Fact 4: Women smell better than men.
Scientists say Women smell better. And smell better than men One reason to explain this This may be because women have a more developed orbital prefrontal cortex. This advantage It gives women the ability to find the ideal partner. And have a better bond and understanding with the baby.

Fact 5: Decreased olfactory may predict soon death for older adults.
According to a recent study, people with reduced odor detection ability It may be the prediction of death within five years. The study was carried out on a sample of more than 3,000 American adults aged 57 to 85, the researchers found. People who are unable to get scents such as rose, orange and peppermint. Three times the risk In the next five years, however, reduced olfaction is not a serious problem. In most cases Most people who have a decreased sense of smell. As a result of allergies And head injuries These factors may not lead to an increased risk of death. Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice. Diagnosis And treatment of any disease

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Re: "Nose" with amazing facts And the smell of people

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Re: "Nose" with amazing facts And the smell of people

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Re: "Nose" with amazing facts And the smell of people

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