Tablet battery issue

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Tablet battery issue

Message par robert1833 » lun. mai 03, 2021 11:45 am

I was reading news on cbc and my battery was ~50% then the next moment, I got a forced auto shutdown. I rebooted and after the boot, when I got to the password screen, I got another forced shut down and I noticed my battery is at 1% for some odd reasons.

Then I decided to plug in my charger and I get 2 patterns:
1) It boots my tablet even if I didn't ask for it but can't past the Lenovo logo. It goes to the logo, goes black, goes back to logo and repeat. If I pull out charger, then i get to the password screen then auto shutdown

2) It doesn't boot and shows me that my tablet still has 48%. I tried to charge it and managed to get it to 59% before trying other things.
But daniel at geek squad customer support suggested to replace the wire, After purchasing the new charging cable the issue was fixed. Now my tablet is working fine without any issue.
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Re: Tablet battery issue

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