How to log in to Facebook from a computer?

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How to log in to Facebook from a computer?

Message par johnlincoln » lun. mai 03, 2021 10:49 am

Logging into a Facebook account is very easy and can be completed by following a few easy steps. All you need to do is go through the section given in this post and carry out the same steps as mentioned here. To enjoy a seamless experience with Facebook, you are recommended to use its application. However, in some circumstances, if you are not able to use the application or your phone is not handy, then you may go through the steps given right here. But before proceeding with the steps given below, you should ensure that you have the correct Facebook login credentials handy with you.facebook login

Method for Facebook login via the web

If you want to access your Facebook account via its website portal, then you may go ahead with following the steps as mentioned right here:

Begin by opening a secure browser on your PC
After that, you should navigate to the official website of Facebook
The URL for the official website is
Now, the Facebook login page would appear on your screen
Here, enter your email or phone number in the top field
Then, input the password associated with it
Hit the blue-colored “Log In” button to finally access your Facebook account
Note: In case you do not remember the password of your account, simply click on the “Facebook login” link gives just below the log-in button. This will take you to the password reset page of Facebook from where you can easily recover your account.facebook login


The Facebook login instructions given here would also be applicable if you are trying to log in via the Facebook application. In case you are using Facebook Lite, you can use the same login credentials for logging in. just make sure you are not mistyping any information as it will give you login issues. Hopefully, the method given here for Facebook login on a computer has helped you in accessing and using your Facebook account without any hurdles.
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