Parkour Go

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Parkour Go

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Arrows / WASD = move,
Mouse = view, Shift = run,
Space = jump,
C = slide,
V = change view

Parkour Go is a fun game and so is ​cookie clicker game. Parkour Go is a new cool first-person free-of-charge running game of which takes you to be able to areas especially built to train your character’s parkour abilities.

Personify the role of the amazingly skillful miss Summer and prove an individual has the required steps to be able to go back to be able to your normal lifestyle filled with journeys.

After an awful incident, you have been kept from carrying out what you just like most, but today you were offered the chance to be able to put your expertise to ensure that you start once more running free to be able to complete very hazardous missions. Run, bounce, slide, run using typically the walls, and try out to reach typically the exit of each and every stage.

Have fun playing this free online game Parkour Go on!
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