Tips for taking care of foot health problems in people with diabetes

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Tips for taking care of foot health problems in people with diabetes

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It is known that Diabetics There is a risk of complications such as heart disease, eyesight, especially foot ulcers. Today's article. ดาวน์โหลดjoker will take you to see tips to take care of foot health problems in diabetics. You can follow and read in this article.

Foot health problems in people with diabetes
Foot health problems in people with diabetes It is a common complication of diabetes. Due to diabetes Have high blood sugar levels for a long time Thus increasing the risk of the peripheral nervous system and vascular deterioration. Which resulted in the patient having the following symptoms

- Sensory nervous system damage When the injury occurred Most diabetics are not aware of it. Since the nervous system is perceived as damaged, it often unknowingly causes foot ulcers.

- The motor nervous system in the feet is damaged. When the patient is walking or putting too much weight on his feet in certain positions This will cause the foot skin to become hard, resulting in easy foot ulcers and possibly deforming of the feet.

- damaged autonomic nervous system Resulting in dry skin patients Which is easy to cause ulcers

Risk factors for diabetic foot ulcers
Most people with diabetes are at risk of developing foot ulcers, which can be caused by the following reasons and factors.

- Diabetic kidney complications

- Have complications from diabetes

- smoking

- Have a history of toe cuts

- Deformed feet

- have high blood sugar levels

- Elderly male There is a greater risk of foot ulcers than in females.

Tips for taking care of foot health in people with diabetes
In 2017, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) determined that foot ulcer problems in more than half of people with diabetes were infected, about 20 percent of foot infections at the foot level. Moderate to severe That could lead to amputation

Therefore, taking care of the foot health is important that diabetic patients need to pay special attention. With simple practical tips as follows

- Maintain hygiene Wash your feet regularly every day. And apply lotion every day immediately after cleaning the feet

- To take care of nails, do not let nails grow long. And carefully trim the nails Does not make nails too short.

- Choose to wear shoes that suit your foot shape, not too tight or too loose.

- Wear socks to reduce friction. And maintain the moisture of the feet