Mustard oil Another secret help to take care of your baby's skin and health.

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Mustard oil Another secret help to take care of your baby's skin and health.

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Oil skin care It may be something that Thai people are not very familiar with. Because Thailand is a hot country So many people think If taking care of your skin with oil It will make the skin greasy. Uncomfortable For adults it might be like that. But only for young skin Especially babies Taking care of your skin with oil is normal. Parents may be familiar with caring for your baby's skin with coconut oil. Or baby oil But may not be used to taking care of baby's skin as well Mustard oil In addition to solving สมัครjoker baby skin problems such as dry and cracked skin, it also has other health benefits.

In fact, Thailand has mustard oil for sale. But may not be known yet Or how widely used it. Hello, the doctor wants to invite your parents to get to know mustard oil. Another secret help in taking care of your baby's skin and health.

What is mustard oil?
Mustard oil is obtained from the mustard seed. Also known as turnip seeds to extract To separate the oil part Mustard seeds are black, white, and gray when extracted to form an oil rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. Spicy taste The smell is quite pungent. Mustard seeds can then be extracted into mustard oil. Still popular to be distilled with steam Until it becomes mustard essential oil as well Both mustard oil and mustard essential oil can be used for skin care.

Mustard oil How can you take care of your child's skin and health?
Parents in many countries used mustard oil. And mustard essential oil is used as a massage oil and skin care for babies. This is because it has many health benefits as follows:

Keeps the body warm
Smearing baby's skin with mustard oil It helps maintain body heat and temperature. Keeps the body warm Therefore ideal in the cold weather

Help to expel toxins from the body.
When the parents massage the baby with mustard oil. The baby's pores will open and sweat. Considered to drive toxins from the body one way. Ideal in hot weather.

Contribute to strengthening bones
Daily massage your baby's body with warm mustard oil. Twice a day It will help the baby's soft and delicate bones to be stronger. It also helps to build muscles. And helps the blood flow better as well When the bones and joints moved The baby will become stronger and move more easily.

Help fight bacteria
Mustard oil and mustard essential oil have antibacterial activity. One study found that Mustard oil kills common bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus listeria, and some yeast. Therefore can be used as an antifungal drug as well

Help repel mosquitoes and insects
Mustard oil has a rather pungent smell. When parents do or massage mustard oil on the baby. It will provide the baby's skin with a shield against mosquitoes and insects. There is no need to apply mosquito repellent creams or lotions made from chemicals.

Keeps the skin hydrated.
The baby's skin is prone to dryness and peeling. But if the parents massage the baby with mustard oil. It will nourish the skin from within. Make your baby's skin moisturized, soft and elastic. It also helps to strengthen the skin as well.

Helps relieve cold symptoms
When your child has a cold With mucus and cough Parents can relieve symptoms for their children with mustard oil mixed with garlic. Start by warming the mustard oil, then adding the peeled garlic to it. Wait for the garlic to turn black. And the heat disappeared oil Then apply the mustard garlic oil that was applied to the baby's breasts. This will help relieve the symptoms of a cold. And help the baby breathe easier

Helps treat rashes and infections.
One of the baby skin problems that parents have to deal with is a rash, especially diaper rash, which is caused by prolonged irritation of the skin that rubs against the diaper. Or sometimes the child gets a rash because of the skin that is dirty, urine or feces for too long. But the rash can go away with mustard oil. Not only will it help heal the rash quickly, But also kills bacteria that may be left on the skin.

Mustard oil It helps nourish baby hair.
Some newborns have little hair. My hair does not grow up to fit my head. Or my hair grows slowly But parents can help encourage your baby's hair to grow faster. Can grow black and shiny With a warm mustard oil massage. Onto the baby's scalp In addition to helping the hair grow faster then. It also keeps the baby's scalp healthy as well.

Precautions for using mustard oil on babies
Although mustard oil has health benefits. And can be used to take care of your baby's skin and health But must be used carefully Because it may cause some side effects such as

Irritates the skin
If your baby has sensitive skin Massaging or applying mustard oil on your baby's skin can cause skin irritation, so if parents notice your baby's skin getting red. Or there are signs of an allergic reaction after exposure to mustard oil Stop using it and take your baby to see the doctor immediately.

May clog pores
Mustard oil has a thick consistency. Therefore it can be absorbed into the skin quite difficult if not massaged well And if applied to the skin for a long time It may clog pores and have dirt remaining in the pores. Until the problem of skin inflammation, so if on the day your parents massage or apply mustard oil to the baby It should take a warm bath for the child to remove excess oil left on the skin as well.

Make the skin dry
Mustard oil causes the sweat glands to open. If your child has sensitive skin Using mustard oil can interfere with the skin barrier. And causing the skin to lose moisture more than before Due to excessive sweating If parents see that mustard oil is used and the baby's skin does not improve Or dry skin than before Should stop using immediately

Even mustard oil is safe for your baby's skin and health. But to avoid problems that may arise. Parents are advised to consult with your doctor before deciding to take care of your child's skin and health with mustard oil.