Vaccine passport decision 'can't come soon enough'

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Vaccine passport decision 'can't come soon enough'

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The news about passports was a "step forward", Mr Farrow said.

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"If passports are a way to reopen this building then we are all for it, and we will be discussing with government how we do that," Mr Farrow said.

Passports "would work for us", he said, but details of how they would work would need to be examined.

"Anything that brings back audiences more quickly into theatres, and safely, we are going to be supportive of," he said.
But he said he feared a situation where those yet to be vaccinated, or unable to be, could not attend shows.

"We want to open to as many people and to as diverse an audience as we can," Mr Farrow said.

Barrister Andrew Taylor said there were "legal, ethical and security issues" with the idea of passports.

"If most people can have the vaccine, which we know is the case, then that covers the majority of the population," he said.

"But not everyone is able to have it because of health considerations, or some people perhaps choose not to have it.

"The difficulty I see in the future is in the jobs market and, for example, the ability to go to venues could lead to a two-tier economy."

He warned of the possibility of workplace discrimination.

"Employers might say, 'You can only work here if you have the passport'.
"If you are not allowed to have the vaccine, you therefore cannot work, so what is already a situation of disadvantage for some people may become exacerbated."

He believed any policy would have to be UK-wide.

Night Time Industries Association chief executive Michael Kill said he was against vaccine passports.

He said: "There are other mechanisms that we have in place that we do very well, that I think need to be considered, as well as some further engagement with the industry as a whole, to ensure we are all very aware of the output of this, if it is something that is being considered."

Mr Kill called for an "even playing field" for different businesses.

"There are some challenges around the age group we attract," he said. pgslot

"The 18-24 age group is not going to be vaccinated, or have the opportunity or choice to be vaccinated until the end of July potentially, and that has to be taken into account when you are looking at some of these measures."

First Minister and Welsh Labour leader Mr Drakeford said there were "practical and ethical" problems to be solved around vaccine passports.

He said he was in discussions with the governments of the other UK nations and would be "having discussions again next week".

He said: "If you can do it in a way that doesn't discriminate unfairly against people, if you can do it in a way that does not make the system vulnerable to fraud and counterfeit certificates and so on, then I think there is a part they might be able to play in Wales."

The Welsh Conservatives said talk of vaccine passports in Wales was "unnecessary" as there was "a review ongoing at a UK level".