OSRS One Small Favour

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OSRS One Small Favour

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In this OSRS quest guide, I’m going to show you how to complete the OSRS One Small Favour quest. During the OSRS One Small Favour quest you will meet Yanni Salika who owns an antique store. Yanni also likes to buy non-tradeable items that are made or gathered by passing adventurers.

That is why he will ask you for a small favour, to collect some stuff for him. Will you be able to help him? This should be a simple task for you, but soon you will realize that things turn out to be less simple than you think.
Quest and Skill Requirements For OSRS One Small Favour

For the OSRS One Small Favour quest you need the compilation of the Rune Mysteries, Druidic Ritual, and Shilo Village quest. Skills needed for the OSRS One Small Favour quest:

18 Herblore
30 Smithing
36 Agility
25 Crafting

Items Needed For The OSRS One Small Favour

Marrentill, harralander, hammer
empty cup
Bowl of hot water
Piece of soft clay
5 pigeon cages
4 steel bars
Bronze bar
Iron bar
2 Guam leaves
Weight-reducing clothing
4 Stamina potions
Weapon, armour, and food
Amulet of glory
Skills Necklace
2 Skull sceptre
Ring of dueling
5 teleports to Ardougne, Varrock, Camelot, Lumbridge, & Falador
5k coins


Go to Shilo Village, and talk to Yanni Salika in the antique shop north of the river. He will ask a small favour from you to get some red mahogany logs from a forester south of the village. Now exit Shilo Village through the wooden gates and go talk to a forester just southwest of the entrance.

The forester will tell you to take a blunt axe to Captain Shanks and get it sharpened, then make your way to Port Sarim where you need to talk to Brian. He is the owner of the battle axe shop, located west of the pub on the northern side of Port Sarim.
Asgarnia and Misthalin

He is too worried about his friend, then to sharpen your axe. Agree to help him by saying, “Ok, ok, I’ll do it! I’ll go and see Aggie”. Next, go to Draynor Village and talk to Aggie the witch, she will help you if you agree to find her apprentice. Jimmy the Chisel, who has gone missing looking for supplies.

Run east to the H.A.M. Hideout and pick the lock on the trapdoor to get in. Go to the south-east corner and speak to Johanhus Ulsbrecht about Jimmy, and ask, “And I suppose you need me to do you a favour?”. He will let Jimmy go if you provide his cult with a month’s supply of chickens, then tells you to speak to Fred the Farmer.

Go north-east to Fred the Farmer’s house and talk to him. Fred does not have enough chickens, so he tells you to go to Seth Groats. Seth is located east on the other side of the river in the big chicken farm right next to the cow field.

Talk to Seth Groats and he wants you to give three steel bars to Horvik in Varrock to make some cages for the chickens. If you have a bowl of cold water in your inventory, use it on the cooking pot next to Seth, so you can have a bowl of hot water. Then use it on an empty teacup and then you may drop your empty bowl.

That way you now have a cup of hot water, now make your way to Varrock. Go to the armour shop north-east of Varrock Square (the building with the anvil sign) and talk to Horvik. He is very ill and needs a herbal antidote and some pigeon cages to modify into chicken cages.

Pigeon cages can be found in the garden behind Jerico’s house, immediately south of the northern bank in East Ardougne. Horvik says that you will need five of them and takes 3 steel bars automatically during the dialogue. Head southwest to the Apothecary who gives you the herbal tincture but drops the breathing salts.

Agree to get a new airtight pot. Go to the Barbarian Village, once at Barbarian Village enter the most southern building, the one with the anvil sign. Talk to Tassie who will be too worried to show you how to make an airtight pot because she is being pressured by a dwarf called Hammerspike Stoutbeard in the Dwarven Mines.

Go to the Dwarven Mines by using a skills necklace and teleport to the Mining Guild. Then run northwest to the most western cave (there is an Agility shortcut requiring 42 Agility), past the anvils, and run until you see Hammerspike Stoutbeard surrounded by dwarf gang members.

Talk to Hammerspike and ask him, “Have you always been a gangster?” He will tell you that he always wanted to be a druid. Next, go to Taverley and talk with Sanfew who is on the second floor of the herb shop. Ask him if he’s taking any new initiates and accepts dwarves, and tell him that a dwarf you know wants to become one.

He will allow Hammerspike to become a druid apprentice, but he wants you to give a Guthix rest tea to Captain Bleemadge on top of White Wolf Mountain and organize a trip for Sanfew down to the Feldip Hills. Now you have to make a Guthix rest tea, we already have a cup of hot water (i already show you how to make it earlier in this guide) to which you must add one harralander, two guam leaves, and a marrentill.

Once you have the tea, go to the top of White Wolf Mountain. Speak to Captain Bleemadge, and give him the tea. He will want some T.R.A.S.H. (Triple Redundant Aero Super Hawsers) for the trip down to the Feldip Hills. You may drop the bowl now.

Use a Camelot teleport and from there run to the general store south of Catherby bank, and speak to Arhein, who will ask for a weather report. Teleport to Camelot again and then run west to Seers’ Village. You need to go to the house with the water drop sign south of the pub and talk to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight.

He will tell you that he is looking for a missing person and cannot do the weather forecast until she is found. Go to the Fishing Guild and east of you on your mini-map you should see a dungeon sign. Enter the cave and go north along the east wall until you come to a cave where Petra is trapped in a rock.

Right-click and search the sculpture to find a message saying to speak to Wizard Cromperty. After that go to Ardougne, head north-east to the building with the blue tails (transportation sign), and talk to Wizard Cromperty about a girl stuck in some rock.

He needs some iron oxide from a man in Port Khazard. If you don’t have a Hammer or Chisel yet, you may acquire them in this building. Make your way to Port Khazard and talk to the Tindel Marchant located on the southern dock. Who will want his stodgy mattress stuffed with prime chompy bird feathers.

After the conversation is over you must go to the Feldip Hills. You can go there by using the fairy ring with code AKS. Once there you need to go to Rantz (the ogre from the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest) who is located at the quest icon in eastern Feldip Hills.

Talk to Rantz and he will tell you that he cannot do it because there is a “small man” causing a disturbance which is scaring the chompy birds. Tell him that you’ll see what you can do. Now run west until you reach the transportation sign where you will see a Gnome glider.

Next to the glider you will find a gnome named Gnormadium Avlafrim, talk to him and he will tell you he needs to repair the landing strip. Search each of the eight landing lights for a gem, cut them, and put them back in the landing lights.

The gnome can sell you a chisel and up to 2 spare gems of each type for 500 coins each if you manage to crush them. Do not allow the gems to despawn, because you will have to bank to retrieve new ones.
Completing The Favours

Talk with Gnormadium to tell him the runway lights are fixed and this will trigger a cutscene. From this point on you will do everything that you have just done but backward. Go back to Rantz to get the comfy mattress, then head back to the Tindel Marchant in Port Khazard and give him the comfy mattress.

He will give you iron oxide which you must give it to Wizard Cromperty in Ardougne, and he will give you an animate rock scroll. Head to the western Ardougne back, south of the bank you will find some pigeon cages behind a house. Take five pigeon cages and go to the bank to prepare for the fight with a level 92 rock monster.

Teleport to the Fishing Guild and enter the Goblin cave where you found the sculpture of Petra. Stand in front of the sculpture and use the animate rock scroll and immediately run to the northeastern corner behind the rocks, this is your safespot. He uses Melee attacks and is weak to crush attacks.

It is recommended that the low levels should use Magic from the safespot until Slagilith dies. After killing him, stand back in front of the sculpture and read the scroll again to release Petra. Go to Seers’ Village head quickly to the back to leave all unnecessary items in your inventory.

Then go talk to Phantuwti (in the house with the water drop sign), he can’t give you the weather report because his weathervane is broken. You’ll have to threaten to run him through, and ask him, “Why can’t you get a clear picture?” Then, ask, “Which special Seers tools do you need?” and “What do you mean?”.

Finally, he’ll tell you about his weathervane. Climb the ladder, head east, and climb another ladder to the roof of his house. Search the weather vane, use a hammer on the weathervane, and search it again to get three broken vane parts.

Go to an anvil with a bronze, iron, and steel bar, and use the parts of the weather vane with the anvil. Head back to the roof of the house, and put the weathervane pillar, the directionals, and the ornament back on the weathervane. Talk to Phantuwti again for a weather report.

Take the report to Arhein in Catherby, who will send somebody to send T.R.A.S.H. to Captain Bleemadge. Talk to Captain Bleemadge on top of White Wolf Mountain. Head to Taverley, and talk to Sanfew who will agree to let the dwarf train and get initiated as a druid.

Run back to Hammerspike and talk with him in the Dwarven Mine. He has changed his mind about becoming a druid, and his dwarven gang members will attack you. You must fight them so you can continue the quest.

Three gang members in the room will attack you at once and altogether can deal quite a bit of damage if you have no armour equipped, so come prepared for this battle. Defeat them to have Hammerspike agree to not harass Tassie.

Go to Barbarian Village, and talk to Tassie, who will teach you how to make pot lids. Use the soft clay given to you on the wheel to make an unfired pot lid and then use the unfired pot lid on the pottery oven. Another pot lid is needed for Swan Song, so you could make it now to save some time later.

You may take the pot at the northwest helmet shop before you leave the village. Go to the Apothecary in Varrock, and give him the pot and pot lid in return for the salts. Go to Horvik, and give him the breathing salts, herbal tincture, and pigeon cages. Go to Seth, and give him the chicken cages.

Head to the H.A.M. headquarters, and tell Johanhus that you’ve managed to swing that chicken deal, he will agree to set Jimmy free. Go to Draynor Village, and talk with Aggie the witch, who will agree to help Brian. Go to Port Sarim, and tell Brian to get the sharpened axe.

Go back to the forester outside Shilo Village, and you receive some red mahogany logs in exchange for the sharpened axe. Speak with Yanni in Shilo Village to complete the quest.
Rewards from OSRS One Small Favour

2 Quest points
Two experience lamps giving 10,000 experience to any skill of your choice. Skill must be at least level 30.
A steel key ring
The ability to make Guthix rest tea
The ability to craft pot lids
Access to the gnome glider route to the Feldip Hills

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Re: OSRS One Small Favour

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Re: OSRS One Small Favour

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