Did you know? Just 6 minutes of reading can help relieve stress.

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Did you know? Just 6 minutes of reading can help relieve stress.

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I really can't เว็บทดลองเล่นสล็อตdeny it this time. That things Happening around it makes stress into our daily life is not difficult at all. Even if we do not have a way to control or manage it as well. It would be life threatening to become a problem.

But do you know? That these stresses can be alleviated Just take a break from stressful addictions Come and read a book for just a few minutes. Which in fact This has been the result of a long study!

Mindlab International, England conducted a 2009 study that found that people's stress levels can be reduced by as much as 68 percent. From just 6 minutes of reading, compared to doing other stress relief activities.

Even listening to music that seems to be more effective It also reduced stress levels by 61 percent, while walking reduced stress by only 42 percent.

"What books to read are not important. The key is to focus on reading. It helps you escape from the world of daily anxiety and stress. And released myself to the imagination of the authors of the book. ”This is what the psychologist David Lewis, who conducted the study, stated.

While the results of a study by Emory University in the United States Also stated that reading fiction can influence neurodegeneration. And can reduce anxiety But gradually Did not see immediate results
Found that if able to read until the end of the book It will reduce the anxiety in our minds for up to 5 days!