Know "Computer Vision Syndrome", a disease that hits workers who can prevent it

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Know "Computer Vision Syndrome", a disease that hits workers who can prevent it

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Many people may be slot wallet familiar with "Office Syndrome" (Office Syndrome), which is already a popular disease among office workers. But sitting in front of a computer for a long time can also lead to a number of other ailments, including "Computer Vision Syndrome".

Today we use computers in all walks of life. Including the use of tablets Mobile phones for a long time, too, making "computer vision syndrome" become a common disease among office workers.

This ailment is a symptom of people who work in front of computers for a long time. Resulting in eye pain, irritation, blurred vision, dry eyes, blurred vision, blurred vision And sometimes with a headache

The cause of "computer vision syndrome"
Computer vision syndrome occurs when using computers or IT equipment for a long period of time without resting their eyesight. Which while working using the computer Our eyes have to focus on the new image all the time.

The eyes must move back and forth along the lines of text read. Or have to scroll through the content on the screen to switch back and forth and respond to changing images to allow the brain to process them. During this time, the eye muscles have to work hard. Which is more than just reading a normal book

Moreover Computer screens constantly display contrasting colors and flicker with pixels. Which is the many small dots that make up the image And users still have to gaze for a long time Thus resulting in the risk of subsequent symptoms of computer vision syndrome

Can adjust computer preventive behavior
Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a preventable disease. Just adjust the behavior of using the computer. The new mobile phone is broken as follows

Use the 20-20-20 rule to help you rest your eyes. After using the computer for about 20 minutes, take your eyes off the computer. And look at 20 feet or 6 meters away for 20 seconds to relax the eye muscles.
The distance from the computer monitor to the eyes The distance should be 40-50 cm. And the center of the computer screen should be 10-15 degrees below eye level to avoid stretching the neck. And do not have to focus too much on the screen
Adjust the brightness of the computer screen to prevent excessive glare. Or wearing computer glasses To help reduce the light entering the eyes Make you feel more comfortable
Avoid working in an area with too much ambient light. The lighting in the room that is too bright or too dark is not good either. Therefore, be careful not to let the light from the screen be too brighter or darker than the ambient light.
Adjust the font size on the screen to be clearly visible. To look sharp and comfortable So that you don't have to use your eyes to focus too much on the characters
Try to blink often to stimulate the lacrimal glands. Makes tears flow, moisturizes the eyes. Prevents dry eyes and irritation.
If you wear contact lenses regularly Should switch to wear glasses instead To give the eyes a break This is because using contact lenses easily results in dry and irritated eyes.
Should have an ophthalmologist at least once a year, every year.
Adjusting the environment and adjusting the behavior of the eyes. Will help to make symptoms better because when the eyes are rested properly Blurred vision, blurred vision, blurred vision, and double vision will gradually return to normal, according to our eyesight.

As for the treatment using artificial tears to help alleviate the pain and stinging of the eyes. Specialists recommend two types of artificial tears: monthly artificial tears (1 large bottle, once opened, can be used for 1 month) and daily artificial tears (24 hours use and then discarded), which can be used according to symptoms. Use monthly But if your eyes are very dry, you should use them daily. Because they can be instilled frequently and frequently

After the eye drop will help make the eyes feel more comfortable. Like having lubrication, which is very early in the symptoms It is necessary to use it on a regular basis so that a small wound in the eye heals well first. When symptoms are relatively stable Therefore gradually spacing the eye drops further

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Re: Know "Computer Vision Syndrome", a disease that hits workers who can prevent it

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Re: Know "Computer Vision Syndrome", a disease that hits workers who can prevent it

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There is no doubt that if we work on the computer all the time then we will get eye diseases. But we can't ignore this fact as well that now Computer monitors are coming with the new technology. They use technology that doesn't affect the eyes so much. I just bought the Gecey's monitor for my office and I am observing that stress to my eyes is decreasing now.