Why are we "addicted to the game"? Psychology has the answers.

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Why are we "addicted to the game"? Psychology has the answers.

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Addicted to the game SLOTXO TRUE WALLET today will invite to talk about this word Addicted to the game in this place still do not want to see it as a bad thing or to be linked to all the news that has ever been released Believe that many gamers Including the author himself We all have had moments that were addicted to the game. Maybe play several hours a day and until it passes. That is, we know ourselves well that we are addicted or not, if stuck, what are the factors that make it so?

Why does the game win our hearts? Makes us addicted, of course, that many times it wins money in our pockets as well. Of course, there is no clear evidence that the game is causing violence or not. But it definitely affects our health.

The most addicting games according to the survey results were MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games or multiplayer role-playing games.

So why are you stuck? There are many citation reports. But in a nutshell, the game approaches nature, human needs, whether it is a desire to overcome fun, social feelings of success. And what games make up sometimes our brains are indistinguishable from the game world, and the reality makes us addicted.

Give an example to see easily Most in-game systems reward players with achievements. Whether new items, new skills, new stages, other rewards that we see Which is easy to get compared to real life This point makes us feel successful. The game is full of satisfaction for us.

For the author himself, we see that society is part of our addiction. I have a friend who, in real life, is quite quiet, doesn't talk to anyone. Therefore making a few friends But in the game world he has many friends. Be accepted

Okay, let's go back. All of these factors make us feel a winner. Which is sometimes better than the real world It's really more fun than the world.

Of course, sometimes the addiction comes from fun. Fun to play The fun of being with friends Playing games is no different from activities such as watching movies and watching series that can also make us addicted, called Binge watch.

All in all, the reason we are addicted to the game is because it complements us. It's fun, social success, but sometimes it's just an activity that makes us feel fun.

The game did not cause violence.

Now that I talked about the game So I went to read some research on the violence of the game. Many times the news of violence, games are often referred to as the cause of violence, but as many studies have yet to determine whether games are the cause of violence. Wait, will come to write in detail again.

But the disadvantage of the game addiction for sure Is a negative effect on our body Whether it's eyestrain, back pain, wrist pain, and for the author, I feel that sometimes the game is even more frustrating (hot head), so make sure to get up and do some stretching. In the end, there are two aspects of everything, and so is the game. In one corner, the game is fun. Give experience To learn, but from another angle, it can have a negative effect on us as well. Some people play continuously until their health is broken. Some people may be addicted to a very heavy recharge regardless of their own money. Anyway, play with your mind, everyone.