: If is not responding ?

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With High Power Touch Screen AC1750 WI-FI ROUTER TAP-R3,y you can personalize your Wi-Fi Settings by using the website. The default IDs of your 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network are Amped_TAPR3_5.0 and Amped_TAPR3_2.4. To change the default IDs, click on the SSID domain to configure the name of your Wi-Fi network. Users joining wirelessly with the Amped Router will need and use these IDs to recognize your Wi-Fi networks. By default the Security Key of your Wi-Fi networks is "wireless", and you can modify it any time. To change the Security Key, tap the Security Key field and enter a new key for each Wi-Fi network, which must be at least 8 characters long, and then click "Next" to apply your settings.

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Re: : If is not responding ?

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Re: : If is not responding ?

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Searching for the right guidance to set up your Amped range extender? Here, you will find some easy and simple instructions that you can follow to install and configure the Amped device. Amped wireless setup can be done either through a WPS method or via interface. If you face any issues during the configuration and setup, you can resolve those problems with some easy tricks. Visit this page to get every detail about the Amped range extender.

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Re: : If is not responding ?

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Hi if you still looking, how to amped wireless setup. Then check few tips