Find new relationships

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Find new relationships

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A new year is an exciting opportunity — a clean slate, a fresh start, a blank page. Sure, it’s just the same life you’d been leading before with a different number on the calendar, but the starting over that it suggests is symbolic: You can take it as an opportunity to approach things with a new mindset.

Many people tackle a new year looking to achieve concrete goals that’ll make them happier — losing weight, drinking or smoking less, going new places, completing personal projects. And those are all well and good, but they’re things that are more or less within a person’s control. That’s why you tend not to see many people resolving to, say, get in a relationship in 2021.

Since starting a romance involves the (enthusiastically!) consenting participation of another person, it’s not wholly under your control. But it’s also worth considering the many ways in which getting into a relationship is under your control. That is to say, there are things you can do that will affect how easy it is for you to find a romantic partner. If you’ve been struggling with that lately, well, read on. With the right attitude, 2021 could be your year.

If you’re not interested in dating women, you can probably skip this section, but for the many guys out there who are, this is crucial info: A lot of women find men who don’t respect them to be a huge turnoff.

If you put in some work to check — and maybe change — your perception of women and treat them as fellow humans who deserve equal rights and to be taken seriously, you’d be surprised at how much easier it’ll be to find someone who wants to be in a relationship with you. Try talking to women you know or are close to about their experiences with sexism and misogynistic men. Try reading books or online advice about how to be a better feminist, and put into practice what you learn. You’ll be grateful — and so will the women you go on dates with.

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Re: Find new relationships

Message par DavidLinn » jeu. mai 13, 2021 2:47 pm

The easiest way to create a strong couple is to search on a dating site - I offered you my favorite site because I know that this is the largest source for finding partners for marriage. There are special groups for serious meetings and there are regular chats for fun. Use this opportunity. It can change your world.

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Re: Find new relationships

Message par Piterliams » sam. mai 15, 2021 7:49 pm

Thanks for the advice. But I would like to increase the number of sites for even more search for people with whom I could build relationships.

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Re: Find new relationships

Message par kiraSmith » sam. mai 15, 2021 9:01 pm

Dating online was always a struggle for me. It is really difficult to find a really decent website, so I decided that will be a good idea in order to achieve success and to chat with interesting people.