Lake rise disrupts activities in Burundi city

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Lake rise disrupts activities in Burundi city

Message par gmong » ven. avr. 16, 2021 4:48 am

Lake rise disrupts activities in Burundi city


A main road in slotxo Burundi's largest city of Bujumbura has been closed following an unprecedented rise
in decades of Lake Tanganyika's water level.

The authorities said the move was ‘’to prevent accidents and further damage to the now water-drenched

The lakeside Avenue de la Plage street connects the country’s main port facility to the central and
southern parts of the city.

The director-general of the roads authority, Regis Mpawenayo, said they would wait until the dry season
starting in July to assess the appropriate action to take.

Meanwhile businesses, mainly restaurants and bars at the beach, have been hard hit.

Omar Manirambona, who runs Safi Beach near the Bujumbura port, told the BBC that his premises were
now under water up to 70%.

‘’We were hosting live concerts of local and foreign musicians, we had games for children, brides were
coming here for photos on their wedding days, now we are almost doing nothing," he said.

Geography professor Bernard Sindayihebura, who has been monitoring Lake Tanganyika's behaviour,
said its water level usually rises every 50 years or so. The last time it did was in 1964.

The expert said the rise was partly down to heavy rains and climate change.

Three other countries share the Lake Tanganyika riparian border - the Democratic Republic of Congo,
Tanzania and Zambia.

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Re: Lake rise disrupts activities in Burundi city

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