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great site! glad i found this. any recent updates?
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The place that is in the rumors of the casino gourmet incident

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The place that is in the rumors of the casino gourmet incident
The defendants, who also participated in the casino screen, rented a car again at Gwangtree Castle Tandro in the first trial. The first trial was held on September 7th in Guangtian Taiwan on charges of gambling of 17 people. The defendants all live in the city. Nojao, Hyanghwa-gun (Jichi), and casinos are talking about renting a car that goes close to 100 kilometers. Authorities allegedly arrested 17 disc players at Tran Quan's home in mid-February. As a result of the investigation, when Too-jun's housekeeper came as three women, his house maid was a Wusi doll (43) who was laying a mat. I made them gamble.

A wager bet on a stake of 52 million VND. By midnight, more people come and wager at least VND 100,000, which does not limit prosecution. Given the differences in participation, the board imposes a sentence of 6 to 12 months in prison for 6 6 people. There are penalties for 10 people in the doll's gynecology department. Five million and 15 million dollars. Mr. Thuan was not at home, so he did not know the case and was not held criminally responsible. Four people, including the secretary general and the chairman, have silver equipment in the office of the head office.
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On September 11, Ninh Giang County (Marine City) public security authorities prosecuted the case and were accused of being involved with six Manbok (Injanggun) officials to investigate a money-making gambling case. Prior to this, at noon on September 5, the Ninh Giang District Police received a report of the V commune leader, who is blessed with making money at the headquarters. When I got off the scene, the police fined six people in the Seoul Metropolitan Government in the office of the secretary's office. The amount of the silver plate was not announced by General Ninh.

Deputy head of Si Jin-gu Office (Gwangnam) was convicted of gambling after being caught robbing a disc in a private house. On September 12, the district court announced that Deng Gongye was sentenced to six months in prison. Vice-chairman of the Local People's Committee for gambling. On the night of February 9, he was arrested by the police along with 13 people who gambled in the form of disc trafficking in a citizen's house. marquetry. At the scene, the police collected more than $90 million. The Mayor's County Office, along with President Xi, said that it would consider the form of disciplinary action if the sentence goes into effect.

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very lovely site thanks for this!

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